USSAAC is the United States Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication, the national chapter of ISAAC, the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication.  At USSAAC, our members join forces to improve the services, resources and products used by children and adults who turn to AAC methods in order to communicate. We strive to enhance the communication effectiveness and, ultimately, the independence of persons desiring access to an alternative communication system. In fact, USSAAC is the only national association specifically designed to address the needs of persons who are either severely speech impaired or unable to speak. We are also dedicated to answering the needs of individuals who support the AAC community through therapy, special education or the creation and manufacturing of technology.

Whether you are trying to decide what AAC method is right for you, or trying to learn how to communicate better with someone who uses AAC, we hope we can help through our many initiatives.

USSAAC's established programs include our magazine called SpeakUP. We work with governments and insurance companies to ensure our community's rights are met and promote awareness at numerous AAC conferences held across the United States each year. We offer help with CEU credits for professionals working within our field and resources for anyone looking for AAC information.

What we do depends on what you need. We try to offer information, tips, insights and tools for novices, experienced professionals, and family members and, of course, the many diverse individuals who use AAC.

We invite you all to join our community. And if we can help answer any questions, feel free to contact us at membership@ussaac.org

Vision Statement 

We are an organization dedicated to supporting the needs and desires of people who use AAC, as well as the family members, professionals, and manufacturers making up our community.  We believe everybody has the right to communicate, and therefore USSAAC will advocate for that right in all arenas.  

Mission Statement 

USSAAC’s mission is to enhance the lives of people with complex communication disabilities.  USSAAC believes augmentative alternative communication does this for people that can’t communicate with their own voice.  AAC gives people with complex speech disabilities a chance to be an active participant in their own community. This is why USSAAC is committed to supporting people with communication disabilities, and being an advocate for augmentative alternative communication.  

To accomplish this goal, we are an organization that has assisted with getting governmental legislation passed concerning augmentative alternative communication.  We will continue to be on the front lines on these types of issues, so that we can assure everybody has the right to be able to communicate.  

We want families to feel they can come to us with their questions and concerns knowing that they will receive our support.  If they need some advocacy in their community, we will provide it.  If they don’t know a lot about AAC, they can come to us to learn about AAC, and be educated about how AAC he can change a person’s life.  

USSAAC provides professionals support by offering continuing education opportunities.  We offer help with CEU credits for professionals working in the AAC field.  USSAAC offers professionals AAC resources, such as the AAC journal, 

USSAAC is a valuable resource for people who use AAC, families, professionals, students, and manufacturers because it is a community that will come along side of everybody.  USSAAC believes everybody has the right to communicate to his or her best of their abilities, and we will advocate for that right in every arena.