Separate SGDs from CRT Definition: Your Action Needed

The Issue

Presently, the Wisconsin Legislature is considering SB 381/AB 462.  This bill addresses Medicaid coverage and funding for a group of medical equipment items given the label “complex rehabilitation technology” (CRT).  The bill defines CRT and describes who identifies medical need for it and how it is distributed to Medicaid recipients. 

Cause for Concern

The concerns about this bill are the following:

  1. The definition of CRT is so broad that it can include speech generating devices (SGDs);
  2. But, the problems the bill is designed to correct are not problems that affect SGDs;
  3. And, the way the bill describes the CRT assessment process and service delivery procedure will foreclose SGD coverage and access


Take Action

Contact your state legislators to tell them: 
  1. This bill was not intended to include SGDs;
  2. The bill should be amended to state that SGDs are not within the scope of CRT and that this bill will not apply to SGDs.


Find your Legislator

The following link will help you identify your legislators and provide contact information:  Use the “Find Your Legislator” tool by typing in your street address and city/town.  That will identify your State Senator and Assembly-person and provide contact information for phone or electronic link communication.

More Information

Read the USSAAC letter to the sponsors of this bill.


Bill Resources:

S.B. 381:
A.B. 462:


Senate Health and Human Services Committee:


Assembly Committee on Health:


More information on the legislative process:

Wisconsin Legislative Council - a resource on how to interact with the legislative process – including information on public hearing testimony:


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