Join the AAC Conversation!

What is USSAAChat?

USSAAChat is a Twitter Chat, a regularly scheduled conversation about AAC. Through the use of the unique hashtag #USSAAChat, the conversation is kept together, allowing others to follow along and participate. The goal of our chat is to strengthen the AAC community by creating opportunities for regular conversation.

Who can participate in USSAAChat?

We welcome all people who make up the community around AAC to participate in the conversation. This includes people who use AAC and those who support the use of AAC.

When is USSAAChat?

It is scheduled as a one-hour chat on the second Thursday of the month, at 7pm EST.

How do I participate in USSAAChat?

Twitter Chats are fast-paced by nature, so there are different ways you can participate.

  • Search for #USSAAChat on Twitter, either during or after the scheduled chat. Read the questions and answers, liking or retweeting any comments of interest.
  • Search for #USSAAChat on Twitter during the scheduled chat. The moderator will usually begin with introductions, and then ask the first question, “Q1.” If you want to share something, type “A1” to correspond to the question “Q1.” Type your comment, and end the post with #USSAAChat (so the post stays with the conversation). Don’t worry if you fall behind. By using the “A + #” format you can answer any question at any time.

You may want to considering using a Twitter management application to make it a little easier to follow the conversation. Check out Tweetdeck, TweetChat, or Hootsuite. Each offers a way to more conveniently group the conversation, filter information, or automatically add the hashtag to your post.

Want to participate but need help? Contact USSAAC and we will work with you membership@ussaac.org

Who creates the questions?

USSAAChat will either be moderated by a USSAAC Board Member or a guest moderator. The moderator will typically select the topic and formulate the questions for the chat.

Can I prepare my questions in advance?

Yes, the questions will be posted prior to the Twitter Chat on a “Chat Post” on our website.

I don’t have access to Twitter. Can I still participate in the discussion?

Yes, we will post the questions on our Facebook page at the end of the scheduled TwitterChat.

How do I suggest a topic or moderator?

If you want to guest moderate, or have an idea for a topic, contact @USSAAC on Twitter or email membership@ussaac.org.

What happens with the posts on #USSAAChat?

Anyone on Twitter can read your answers, either during the chat on the #USSAAChat hashtag, on their timeline (if they follow you), or on your profile.


We are very grateful to our guest moderators for helping write questions and run the USSAAChats.

Thank you to the AAC community for participating in our USSAAChats


USSAAC would like to recognize and thank our Institutional and Corporate Members for their support