#USSAAChat with Lindsey Paden Cargill

10 Aug 2017

#AAC Team Buy-In

#USSAAChat with Mike Cole

13 Jul 2017

AAC Implementation: Getting started and keeping it going

#USSAAChat with Dana Nieder & Pam Harris

5 Jun 2017

#AAC & Family Questions (moderated by two amazing moms)

Webinar with Christine Roman

12 May 2017

Cortical Visual Impairment: The Everyday Impact on People Who Use AAC (6 Jun, 7pm EST)

#USSAAChat with Robin Pegg

29 Mar 2017

Access for People who use #AAC

Webinar with Lucas Steuber

5 Mar 2017

Emergent Symbolic Language in ASD (5 Apr, 7pm EST)

#USSAAChat with Amanda Hettenhausen

5 Mar 2017

Overcoming Barriers to Access #AAC Funding (9 Mar, 8pm EST)

Lew Golinker webinar

15 Feb 2017

How to Overcome Access Barriers to SGD Funding (7pm EST)

#USSAAChat with Carole Zangari

9 Feb 2017

Beyond Awareness: Building a Culture of AAC Awareness (7pm EST)


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