Scholarships & Awards

Funding available at Penn State for graduate students interested in AAC:

The AAC Leadership Project: a federally funded doctoral level training grant (#H325D110008) designed to prepare high quality doctoral students as AAC researchers/ university faculty

The Penn State Children's Communicative Competence Project: a federally funded training grant (#H325K110315) designed to prepare Masters level speech language pathologists to provide high quality AAC services to children with complex communication needs and their families

For more information visit or contact Janice Light at

ISAAC Awards

Click HERE to visit ISAAC's awards page for more information on any of the following ISAAC related awards.

Possum - ISAAC Opportunity Award

PURPOSE: To provide financial assistance in order to enable a person who uses Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) to expand their future opportunities. The award will provide funding to allow the recipient to achieve a desired goal whether in education, work or life. Possum and ISAAC aim to enhance chances in life through provision of opportunity, so this award can be used to help with further education, training for employment, career progression or independent living.
AWARD: US $7,500 plus ISAAC delegate status for award winner.

The WORDS+/ISAAC Outstanding Consumer Lecture Award

PURPOSE: To provide a platform for an outstanding person who uses Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC) to present a topic in which s/he has special expertise using any voice output communication system. WORDS+ and ISAAC wish to highlight the talents (such as story telling, creative writing, humor), perspectives (on current events, relationships, etc.) or individual endeavors (scholarly, entrepreneurial, recreational, etc.) of an individual beyond AAC, reinforcing the point that a person who uses AAC is not defined by AAC!
AWARD: Featured presentation speaker at the ISAAC 2008 Biennial Conference in Montreal, Canada and a cash award of $5,000 USD

The EchoVoice / ISAAC

PURPOSE: This award will recognize the contribution of front line workers* in the field of augmentative communication and encourage one or more front line workers to learn more about augmentative communication and attend the ISAAC Biennial Conference.
AWARD: This award will provide cash, and be given for the first time, to assist with the expenses that front line workers will incur while attending the ISAAC biennial conference in Monteal, Canada, August 2008.

The AbleNet Literacy / ISAAC Award

PURPOSE: This award is open to a professional ISAAC member who is furthering the field of AAC and literacy by: Helping people develop the ability to read and write as well as use AAC systems. Actively advocating literacy for people with disabilities via workshops, presentations, professional training, consultations, authoring papers, etc. Fostering literacy experiences in persons with severe/profound to moderate disabilities. Raising the expectations of professionals, educators, parents and caregivers that persons with significant disabilities can have meaningful literacy experiences.
AWARD: The recipient of this award receives $2000 USD and is a key speaker at the ISAAC Biennial Conference on the topic of AAC and literacy. $500 USD is given towards travel to the conference.

The ISAAC President's Award

PURPOSE: This award acknowledges extraordinary support of ISAAC by an individual.
AWARD: A plaque or gift presented at the ISAAC Biennial Conference by the ISAAC President.

The ISAAC Distinguished Service Award

PURPOSE: To recognize outstanding contribution to the field of AAC by a group or individual through clinical work, information /knowledge, distribution and research.
AWARD: A plaque presented to the recipient at the ISAAC Biennial Conference.

The ISAAC Fellowship Award

PURPOSE: Honors publicly an ISAAC member who has earned distinction within the ISAAC community.
AWARD: The title Fellow of the International Society of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) shall be given for the life of the recipient and may be indicated and abbreviated as F.ISAAC. Presented to recipients at the Membership meeting at the ISAAC Biennial Conference by the President.

The Shirley McNaughton Exemplary Communication / ISAAC Award

PURPOSE: To provide an internship opportunity for training in Blissymbolics.
AWARD: The successful applicant will receive travel assistance of $500 Canadian, accommodation, and a two-week internship program relating to the language of Blissymbolics and its usage in Ontario, Canada. The internship will consist of opportunities to interact with Bliss users, Bliss alumni and their supporters and to discuss with AAC specialists issues related to the application and development of the language of Blissymbolics.

The Bridge School International / ISAAC Scholarship

PURPOSE: The Bridge School Scholarship (California, USA.) and ISAAC offer an opportunity to learn and teach AAC methods in an educational centre of excellence in the United States. The Bridge School is an internationally recognized leader in the education of children who use augmentative communication. It has developed unique programs and trained skilled professionals in the application of AAC service delivery.
Read an article by Sarah Yong, a past Teacher In Training (PDF)

The Sherri Johnson / ISAAC Conference Consumer Travel Scholarship

PURPOSE: Sherri Johnson, a long time member of ISAAC, dedicated many years of her life to advancing the communication and quality of life of people who rely on AAC. This travel scholarship celebrates her life and dedication to AAC. Contributions can be made and are greatly appreciated.
AWARD: To assist people who use AAC with expenses incurred while attending the ISAAC Biennial Conference. A minimum of four scholarships of $500 USD each will be awarded.

AAC Related Awards/Scholarships

American Speech Language Hearing Foundation

Each year ASHF offers several scholarship and grant competitions to graduate students and new researchers in the field of communication sciences and disorders. For more information about funding opportunities, please visit the Foundation at

Evelyn & Fredrick Weissman Education and Charitable Foundation

Provides scholarships to individuals and grants for speech and physical therapy to mentally disabled individuals, primarily in Michigan. Applications accepted throughout the year; Completion of formal application required, including transcript and essay required. 30238 Spring River Dr., Southfield, MI 48076-1047 Telephone: (248) 203-9270

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Scholarship in Rehabilitation and Related Research for Graduate Students with Disabilities

Scholarships of $20,000 and an educational disability expense supplement are awarded. Fields of study must relate to rehabilitation. Eligible disciplines may include Physical/Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology. Applicants must plan to be enrolled in a rehab-related graduate program leading to a masters or doctoral degree at one of the following universities: McMaster University, Ryerson University, the University of Toronto, the University of Waterloo, Wilfred Laurier University, or York University. Applications are encouraged from international students as well as final year undergraduate students.

Autism Society of America - Wendy F. Miller Award and Eden Services Charles H. Hoens, Jr. Scholars Program


USSAAC would like to recognize and thank our Institutional and Corporate Members for their support