Type of Membership with Corresponding Fee (includes membership in ISAAC)
Since membership fees are processed through ISAAC, the price listed is in Canadian Dollars (e.g., $120 CAD = $90 USD on 11/1/2016). The exchange rate fluctuates. Use a conversion calculator for the most updated information.

$120 CAD
Professional + AAC Journal ($13 savings)
$205 CAD
People who use AAC and their families
$40 CAD
Full-time Student/Retired Professional
$52 CAD
$650 CAD
$1550 CAD

USSAAC's mission is to enhance the lives of people with complex communication disabilities. USSAAC is the United States Chapter of the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) and the ONLY organization in the United States that serves the needs and advocates for adults and children who rely on AAC methods and technologies, their family members, professionals, educators, advocates, and manufacturers. We invite you to join USSAAC and help us achieve its mission. Click here to join.

USSAAC membership in 2017 will bring multiple benefits.

  • SPEAK UP! A FREE USSAAC publication that features articles by people who use AAC, family members, inter-professional practitioners, researchers, educators. Up-to-date information that address the policies and practices that impact USSAAC’s members. Go to
  • Significant reduction in fees for ISAAC’s AAC, the Journal of Augmentative and Alternative Communication. A "must have" and major source of research information in our field. Go to; Access to free downloads from ISAAC and USSAAC websites. Go to and and
  • Access to USSAAC’s Free (to members) Webinar Series. In 2016, topics included AAC assessment, social justice, message banking, people who use AAC and their families, and funding issues. Webinars are archived at Members get priority access. ASHA CEUs are offered for each webinar, and are free only to USSAAC members. The webinars for 2017 will include a funding update as well as other high interest topics.
  • Participation in #USSAAChat monthly Twitter Chats covering a wide array of topics. This is a great opportunity to connect with others in the AAC community and share resources.
  • Participation in USSAAC Committees. We are all volunteers and working together to make a difference. Come, have fun, meet new people and develop your leadership skills.
  • Ongoing communication with members. In 2017, USSAAC leaders will keep in touch with all members through Facebook, Twitter, the USSAAC website and periodic emails. And, we will try to respond quickly to your questions and requests.
  • Significant reduction in conference fees at the next ISAAC 2018 Biennial Conference in Australia on July 21-28. Conference delegates come from around the world. Note: The next ISAAC Biennial Conference won't happen in North America until at least 2020. Go to for more information.

USSAAAC has several membership options. These are listed on the membership form.

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USSAAC membership runs from January 1 to December 31. You are going to have to renew your membership on January 1, even if you signed up on July 7th.


USSAAC would like to recognize and thank our Institutional and Corporate Members for their support